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Yacht Rental in Greece

The splendor of Greece lies not only on its historical monuments such as the Parthenon but on its beautiful islands with immaculate beaches as well. The pristine waters, along with the warm and sunny weather during dry season, make it perfect for one to enjoy blue skies and bright sun while lounging on the beach and sipping cool beverages.

Greece Yacht RentalThose who crave for a more active vacation may indulge in several water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Because the restrictions in scuba diving have been loosened over the past few years, it has been gaining popularity and more people are able to explore the ecosystem under the Greek seas. Those who do not like to be cooped up on one island rent or charter yachts. Yacht rental in Greece is easy to find – there are plenty on beaches of every island.

Yacht charter companies in Greece cater to all kinds of sailing needs. There are sailing yachts for those who prefer a relaxed sailing experience, where the itinerary does not matter much. Sailing yachts are a combination of elegance and speed, perfect for those who wish to snorkel, dive and dip. Motor yachts are also available to guarantee both speed and luxury, able to take you to your intended destination quicker than sail yachts, in a more elegant setting. Those who wish to have the option to switch between a sailing yacht and a motor yacht may go for motor sailers.

Yacht chartering in Greece can be done in three ways. In a bareboat charter, the owner grants you possession of his yacht for a certain period of time but he does not provide you with a crew. This means that you have to navigate the ship by yourself, so you also get to choose your own itinerary. This is preferable for those who already have enough sailing experience and who wish to enjoy privacy. In a yacht charter with skipper and crew, the owner provides you with a skipper who will sail the boat for you. You can also choose your own destinations but most often you have to pay for the crew’s meals. In larger yachts, the owner may provide more crews such as a cook and hostess. A flotilla chartering involves a group of boats which sail together in a predetermined route. An advantage of flotilla chartering is that you can choose to skipper your own boat even if you do not have much sailing experience or do not have enough knowledge of the Greek seas. Most likely, there will be someone in the fleet that can lend you a hand in case you experience problems.

The prices of yacht rental in Greece depend on many factors. Most often, prices differ according to season. January to mid-May, as well as October to December, is low season and yacht chartering is cheaper. Prices increase slightly from mid-May towards the end of July. This middle season also includes the period from the end of August to the first week of October. Prices are highest from July to August as the weather is perfect for sailing during these times. Warm weather starts in May and island hotels and resorts which had been closed during the cold months are now open.

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