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Greece is a country in Europe that has gained much popularity as a holiday destination for tourists and travelers. Its beauty and popularity is owned to the many hours of sun and wide-range collections of beautiful islands. The many beautiful beaches of the country are the ones that most travelers visit. The travel within Greece is time and again frustrating because the public transportation system available to travelers is either undependable or is generally slow in comparison with those in Western Europe. The mountainous terrains and the many islands require a plane ride to travel within the country. Travel by plane is most frequently the best option. Greece has fifteen international airports that render flight services to both locals and tourists.

Greece AirportAthens-Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is Greece’s busiest and most active air hub that serves European and American destinations. Athens Airport is also the center for domestic travel. It has one main terminal and is situated fifteen miles northeast of the city center of Athens. A railway, buses, shuttle and taxis provide transportation to travelers to the city. Corfu Island International Airport is the basic yet modern airport that is located only a couple of miles away from the city. This airport accepts three flights per day from Athens at the least. Major carriers that service both international and domestic flights are handled in one terminal. A regular bus service travels to Corfu town, while most visitors to the town will have their transport set when having their vacations done on a package holiday.

Rhodes International Airport is found on the right of the northern tip of Rhodes Island. It is a little airport that has the busiest time during the summer months to serve the group of people who arrive in the holidays to search for the beautiful beaches found in the island. The airport consists of only one terminal that serves both domestic and international flights that arrive and depart mainly from parts of Europe and the Middle East. To get to the Rhodes Town, buses and shuttles are used as modes of transportation. Taxis are also available for travelers.

One of the most popular getaways in Greece is Kefalonia. It has an airport that can serve and handle four hundred thousand passengers each year. Kefalonia Island National Airport has only three check-in desks and a single terminal. This is located only only some minutes away from the capital of Argostoli. The capital of Argostoli does not have buses, but taxis and shuttles of hotels are available to the public to provide regular transport.

Greece has a total of fifteen international airports that are found in almost each of its islands. These international airports are found in the Greek mainland and the islands of Greece. A number of airports of Greece and the Greek islands do not have a direct connection to the many international airports of the world. Travelers should transfer to the airport of Athens to be able to get international flights. Greece and its islands have a total of forty-four airports. 

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