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Greece : ParosIt is of no wonder that a lot of people want to visit Greece. Greece is a very exciting place to be in no matter what type f person you are. Even if you are not exactly a fan of history, you cannot deny the historical significance of the country. They have vast contributions to our society and a lot of things that we have right now can be traced to them. A lot of the ways of thinking, philosophies, procedures and structures came from Ancient Greece and a lot of people pay tribute to this fact. Greece is indeed a beautiful country. With its natural landscape alone it would capture a lot of nature loving tourists. It has a lot of sandy beaches and beautiful flora and fauna that people can appreciate. It is impossible not to finds something to like in Greece. The place has beautiful weather that people say are highly conducive to learning. This is perhaps why a lot of philosophers came from this region. This place is indeed immensely popular and that’s why there are many people who would want to visit Greece. Greece has a lot of islands and a lot of them have a lot of their own separate history from the entire country. This is because the city-states were largely independent for a long time from each other and were separated by mountains and the seas as well. Different cultures can be found therefore in different city states and different islands. The same can be said with the island of Paros, one of the many islands in the Aegean sea.

Paros has its own, if separate history from the other islands or city states. In fact in the curse of history, one would sea that the group in Paros, led by Paros for whom the island was named, would oppose a lot of the other islands and would join forces with what is perceived to be the enemy. Thus the island has been punished several times when the ones that they sided with would lose. Among those who pay the Delian league at that time, they pay the highest contribution and this is perhaps why people perceive Paros as one of the wealthiest islands in the region.

Paros has seen its own share of invasions. They have been invaded by Persians and other neighbors as well. Paros fell to the crusades and also the Ottoman Empire. Thus different cultures have set into Paros much like all its neighboring islands. Paros therefore has seen everything. Invaders have laid the island to waste several times and the island kept on coming back by rebuilding. Paros is a very resilient island and always got themselves back together even after a particularly difficult war. The island is filled with marble and this is perhaps why white has been a central color in the island. The island always looks clean and inviting and this is partly why a lot of tourists are enticed to visit the island. The beaches are beautiful as well and there is something significant with swimming in the sea where hundreds of thousands of men met their death. Paros’ place in history is secure. Indeed, it is a great place to visit.

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