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Greece is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe that is blessed with numerous islands having the most attractive beaches. It has sacred monasteries, gorgeous landscapes and beautiful beaches. To better understand the features that Greece offers, one must understand the concepts of Greece travel.

Greece BeachThe highest tourist season in Greece is in the months of June to August. Beaches that are bar-studded set the celebrations and Dionysian indulgence as the sun shines over the ancient cities of the country. For people who get annoyed with crowds or the frenzied pace of summer, visit to Greece during May, early June, or September must be considered. During this time, the stunning weather of the country smiles on smaller crowds. The unblemished areas of Nothern and Central Greece can be taken advantage by hikers during the mellower weathers of the country. The slopes at Mountain Parnassos, Mountain Pelion, or Metsovo can be hit with skis during the winter, another high season.

The low season of Greece is from October through May. During this season, airfares, lodging, food prices are generally cheaper than during peak seasons. Nevertheless, attractions and accommodations have shorter operating hours or are closed during this period. In this time of year, Greece hibernates to rest from farming, fishing, and tourism done during the summertime. Modes of transport like ferries, buses, and trains are less frequently available and the life in the country and its islands is more peaceful.

In the Aegean Sea, Santorini’s blacksand beaches stay warm for a long time because of the sun’s hot rays that strike the waters. Corfu is encircled by gorgeous beaches on all of its sides. This island also hosts the well-known party haven called Pink Palace. Ios and Naxos do offer water-ski, snorkeling, and sun-bathing. Tans of tourists can be perfected around Paleohora located in Crete or at Haraki Beach in Rhodes.

Exploring the wilderness in Greece can also be an invigorating experience. Hiking or motorbiking, or even a combination of both may let one travel through the rural villages that are independent of the ever-changing bus schedules. While hiking, one will come across the foothills adorned with olive grove. One may also pass mountain goats and wildflowers down the road. In the end, Greece is not just about the islands, bars, and fun in the sun. One may make the most of his travel

The traditional Greek villages of the Zagorohoria are untouched and the wilderness that surrounds the area makes walking an adventure. The world’s steepest canyon, Vikos Gorge puts up a challenge to hikers through a six-hour-long trek. The Samaria gorge can further be explored in Crete. The Samaria Gorge is longest gorge of Europe.

There is a lot to love about the country. A delight to climbers is the mountainous landscape of the country that makes good mountain-biking trip and great hiking for tourists. The country has monasteries and ancient sights that amaze and attracts all of its visitors. The gigantic columns of Parthenon, the statue of Alexander the Great and the well-preserved stadium are a few of the ancient sights found in Greece.

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