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Kalamai (Kalamata)

Greece Vacation : KalamaiGreece is one of the most historic countries in the world. The country has been depicted in movies and in books and has given us a lot in terms of culture and societal structure. Whenever someone has an idea, it is almost always something that already has some greek influence in it. Such is Greece’s place in history. They were a civilized society before there were societies at all in some regions of the world. They have given us a lot of famous people from which a lot of modern leaders and regular citizens draw inspiration from. The influence of Greece grew due to the fact that they were open to different cultures and therefore other cultures and other societies were also open to them. Other countries openly traded with Greece and this allowed Greece to showcase the many products that they have that in a lot of times were superior or way ahead of its time as compared to others. There are many points of entry to Greece and one one of them is Kalamai.

Kalamai is also sometimes called Kalamata. Kalamai is a very significant town in Greece because they have ports that are mostly passenger ports. Kalamai therefore has no shortage of tourists or visitors that visit them every year and this increases the visibility and viability of Kalamai in trade. Kalamai therefore is known by a lot of people who visit Greece as an ideal area to pass through when they go to Greece.

Kalamai therefore has a lot of history. Many things have passed through their ports and this adds to the quality of life in Kalamai. There were many excavations in Kalamai because of its rich history. Historians and archaeologists aimed to find out how influential and relevant Kalamai was in their time. Kalamai according to recent historical excavations was seen as one of the cities that was offered by Agameemnon offered to the great warrior Achilles back when it was still known as Pharai. This has a big historical significance as it resulted in a lot of conquering that happened thereafter. Achilles was a fierce warrior and his strength changed the course of history. Therefore, Kalamai played a significant part in the changing of history as well. The city became political significant during the Frankish rule and thereafter it came under control of the Ottoman Empire twice with the Venetians conquering them in between. The Ottoman Turks ruled over them for hundreds of years and therefore left a significant influence on Kalamai culture. Around 1821, it became the first city to become liberated from the Turks and that in itself is a great accomplishment since many nations have tried many times but always fell short of liberating themselves. Kalamai therefore spearheaded the fight against the Turks and became an inspiration to many Greek nations.

Kalamai was destroyed for a time but when it was rebuilt, it only became a more significant region. It became one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean Sea. Commerce and trade flourished in Kalamai and its importance was never diminished.

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