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Honeymoon in Greece

Greek mythology is replete with stories of love – gods falling in love with goddesses, gods or goddesses falling for mortals. Some stories have mournfully tragic endings while some, like that of Cupid and Psyche, is a wonderful tale of love, loss and ultimately, triumph over difficulties. Greece, therefore, since antiquity, has been a land of love and passion. It is for this reason, and more, that couples should consider a honeymoon in Greece.

Couples will surely delight in the many things that Greece has to offer. Those who are setting foot in Greece for the first time should spend at least a few days in Athens. Not that the sites here are more magnificent than in the rest of the country, far from it actually. But Athens is, after all, the birthplace of civilization and democracy, and the remnants of the fame and brilliance of Ancient Greece still stands for all to marvel at. Visit the Acropolis where the Parthenon is an imposing site. The National Archaeological Museum is another attraction that should not be missed while in Athens. The neoclassical architecture of the building is impressive and is already worth visiting. Inside are more than 20,000 exhibits from archaeological sites all over Greece. If a brief respite from ancient history is needed, you may visit the Syntagma Square and watch the changing of the royal guards. Tourists are particularly interested in the guards because they are clad in the traditional pleated skirt called foustanela. Syntagma Square is the focal point of modern Athens so a visit to this place is a must if you miss the “real world”.

A honeymoon in Greece may also include a trip to Delphi, home of Apollo’s famous oracle, which was said to have predicted legendary events such as the Argonaut’s expedition and the Trojan War. Olympia is also quite close to Delphi so be sure not to miss it if you are through visiting Apollo’s oracle. In this birthplace of Olympic Games, you get to see the old Stadium, site of the earliest games; and Prytaneion, the area where the original Olympic flame once burned.

The places mentioned so far are truly exciting and enriching and honeymooners will surely be charmed by them. However, honeymoons in Greece will not be complete without a honeymoon cruise. A private sailing holiday is just what a newlywed couple wants to ignite romance and passion. If one of you is an experienced sailor, you may go for a bareboat charter – you have all the boat to yourselves and you can bring it anywhere you like (in secluded beaches, for example). However, a chartered yacht with a skipper and crew will provide you with the honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of without worrying about too many details. The Sporades Islands in the North Agean is favorite destination for honeymoon cruises. You can stop at an uninhabited Sporades island and take a dip (bare if you wish) in the deep blue waters of the isolated beach. The Argolic island, as well as the Dodecanese and Cyclades islands are also favorite destinations because aside from their magnificent beaches, they also hold several archaeological sites and excavated temples – just perfect for a honeymoon in Greece. Read more great wedding & honeymoon planning advices.

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