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Greece Vacation : RhodosNo book in the history of the world would be complete without mentioning Greece. Greece, more than any other country deserves mention whenever civilization is talked about. There are many reasons why Greece is reserved this stature. Greece is widely known as the cradle of civilization. People here were already culturally civilized long before other countries or areas in the world were even created. Some parts of the world were still unlivable while in Greece, people already had a complete societal structure complete with a government and armed forces. It is not a stretch therefore to think that Greece started it all. Way before other countries became civilized, people in Greece were already writing songs and poems as well as making many different forms of art. Such excellence and trailblazing is practically instilled in every area in Ancient Greece and the island of Rhodes is no different. According to Greek legend, the Island of Rhodes came from the union of Helios the sun god and Rhode a nymph. This island is shaped as a spear head which is very appropriate since the island has seen more than its share of wars and bloodshed.

Rhodes is a very bountiful Island filled with many crops. In a sense it is closer to Asia Minor when it comes to its plants and animals and general landscape. The island has areas where crops may be grown as well as many fruit bearing trees. There are areas filled with pine trees adding to the greenish scenery. The shores however unlike other islands in Greece, are stony and filled with rocks.

War used to overrun the island. The country came under the rule of the Persians for quite some time but they were also driven out during the Persian War. Thus began a new chapter in the history of Rhodes. They joined the Athenian League soon after but remained neutral during the Peloponnesian War. It was a long and arduous war and by the end of it, Rhodes decided to go it’s separate way and carve its own path. Rhodes were later overridden by the Persians again but then came under the control of Alexander the Great.

Rhodes these days is a very important tourist destination. It attracts a lot of intellectuals who know about the history of the island. Rhodes is also where the Collossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World can be found. This, however, is not the lone important structure that can be found in Rhodes. In fact there are a number of them. Among the other structures of historical significance are the Acropolis of Lindos, Acropolis of Rhodes, the Temple of the Apollo and the Palace of the Grand Masters.

Indeed Rhodes has a lot of historical value. Just like a lot of cities in Greece, it is significant and relevant to our society as well. Don’t forget to check our Rhodes hotels guide to find a suitable accommodation.

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