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To secure their trips to Greece, tourists most usually purchase a travel insurance to protect themselves and their families from the risks entailed by traveling. There are two major types of vacation insurance available to a policy buyer. The first and most frequently purchased type of insurance is the type cancellation policy. This policy protects the buyer from different disasters, both personal and non-personal, that may affect an individual’s trip. Many carriers offer insurance that include the canceling of a trip owed to burglary of an individual’s residence within ten days of his departure and departures delayed because of natural disasters. Most travel insurance policies also offer an allowance to cover delayed or lost luggage. Trip cancellation insurance can be a helpful protection for tour providers that require increased percentage of the payment in advance.

A traveler should also verify, before any payment is to be made, that the cruise line he is getting on or the tour provider can be included in the travel insurance. Companies that require full payment months from the time of departure and those who are known to use persuasive sales procedure are normally excluded in the coverage of most travel insurance providers. Trip cancellation insurance will cover only what an insurance buyer’s carrier or tour provider will not refund. This means that the traveler still needs to attempt to make a refund of the disaster that he encountered. In addition, trip cancellation insurance does not cover fees of the mere change of a ticket date. The cost of this ticket date change is substantial since airlines increase these fees.

The second type of vacation insurance is the medical insurance. This type of insurance provides for treatment overseas and whole medical evacuation if ever it is necessary. The insurance coverage includes all medical treatment, medical evacuation that is done by a helicopter or a special plane, and the transport of a family member that will serve as company to the sick individual.

Many insurance providers combine both the medical coverage and trip cancellation insurance in one insurance policy, and this is usually regarded as the best deal travelers can have.

The costs of insurance coverage vary from one provider to another. Trip insurance will normally cost about five percent of the total cost of the trip to Greece. Older travelers may pay more or less insurance coverage than younger travelers. Medical trip insurance is not a license for a policy holder to be careless. This type of insurance excludes the coverage of dangerous activities or activities that exhibit potential danger. Many sports and medical conditions are also excluded from coverage. However, certain insurance providers may provide coverage for such activities.

To get coverage of such activities, many insurance providers offer special options to include these activities in the coverage of the insurance but this entails an increased cost for an insurance buyer. The high rate of motorcycle and moped accidents in Greece every year makes this option very valuable for people who would want to travel to Greece.

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