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Greece Vacation : SantoriniThere are many reasons why people go to Greece. Greece has a lot of things to offer and for a lot of people, its the ultimate historical destination. People understand that Greece has a big role in shaping many cultures in society and continues to do so to ths day. Greece marked a very important period in history and a lot of things happebned through their work. They have achieved a level of civilization far advanced by any standard from their contemporaries. Greece was more than just a country. It was the cradle of civilization and has been the source of cultural and societal knowledge even until today. These days, we still would compare the teachings of their philosophers with the works of our world’s leaders. Often, we see our own leaders fall below their standards.

Greece has a lot of islands and each them has its own cultural and historical significance. Santorini is one of these islands. It is one of the islands in the Aegean sea that was formed when a volcano exploded. Thus, Santorini is in fact a remnant of that volcano and being such, the island itself is volcanic. Santorini is the second most popular island in that volcanic archipelago. The most famous of these islands is Crete. Santorini is also significant in itself however, and is not a lesser destination as compared to Crete.

Santorini is known by many names. One of the more popular names for this island other than Santorini is Thera. Historians and archaeologists have found out that Santorini is a very advanced island and is very culturally significant. There were many excavations that were done in Santorini. They were aimed at how the island fitted in the culture of Greece. They have already discovered Crete with its palaces and many elegant structures and this is why they want to know what marvels other islands in the vicinity had. They were not disappointed with Santorini.

The island was a very beautiful place as well, filled with volcanic land and beautiful flora. A small part of the island already revealed that there were also complex structures in this island even though they were not the same in grandeur when compared to Crete. This is probably because the purpose of the island is different from Crete and that role that Santorini played was soon discovered when it was further excavated. There were buldings in Santorini and a lot of them were milti-level. This means that they are also architecturally advanced. There were some areas that also showed their artistry as paintings in walls can be seen in some places. The masonry was indeed excellent and there were traces of textile making facilities as well. This showed that the people of Santorini was very much capable of producing their own products and therefore participated in trade relations with its neighboring islands. The location of Santorini is such that many travelers and merchants could pass there and have trade relations with the local folk. Santorini is a very important island indeed. When traveling there, take a look at Santorini hotels guide to find a perfect accommodation for your Greece vacation.

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