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Greece is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is one of the cradles of civilization and indeed it has a lot of history. A lot of philosophers come from Greece and a lot of their teachings reach other cultures as well. Greece has a lot of islands and cities each with its own history and subculture as well. Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in the country of Greece. The capital of Macedonia is indeed a very special place as well being the nation’s largest.Thessaloniki is a very imortant region in Greece. Greece has a lot of history and a lot of its past has been passed on to its cities. Thessaloniki, being the largest of the regions, has a lot of responsibility with regards to preserving this history.

ThessalonikiThe city is under some pressure to at least perform well in a lot of aspects since they represent. Having said that, Thessaloniki is known to carry this burden with great aplomb. Currently, it is the second major economic, industrial, commercial as well as political center. A lot of traffic goes through the region in many different aspects. Good trading happens in the region and not only land based business is thriving but also across water. Thessaloniki has ports where other European countries course through their local products. This is why Thessaloniki has a lot of people with different nationalities and cultures in it. It is a center of trade and a lot of cultural exchanges happen here. Many products are shipped from across the sea and those products may not even come from the countries themselves as they could have been transported from another area as well. It therefore bridges a gap between two large areas of Europe.

Thessaloniki has an alternative name called Salonica. It has been invaded and settled in on by the Ottoman Empire. The city is indeed very prominent especially since it has been also considered as a co-capital of Greece. This is due in large part to the fact that the city is a very close second to the capital in terms of relevance

In the wider geographical region of Macedonia, it is also the largest city. The Thessaloniki Urban Area comprises 16 municipalities. Founded in 315 BC by the King Cassander of Macedon, it was named after his wife Thessalonike who is also known as the halfsster of the world renowned conqueror Alexander the Great. This further underlines the historical value of Thessaloniki. It was an independent region and not under the control of the Kingdom of Macedon. However, when the Kingdom fell, thessalonki fell to the control of the Roman Empire just like most of Europe. The religious influence in Thessaloniki is indeed very diverse. Being greek in origin, they had their own gods to pray to before the Roman Empire parlayed their owned. Then there is the Ottoman Empire which also introduced to them Islam. Because of this, the muslim population in Thessaloiki grew. Thessaloniki is indeed diverse due to its very rich history.

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