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Golf aficionados, increasing in number all over the world, sometimes do come to Greece for a vacation. It is understandable that they would feel the need to indulge in their favorite sport. Rarely does one go to Greece for golf alone but it’s a pleasurable interlude from the historical trips and the water activities. Although golf in Greece is quite far from popular, it has an enormous growth potential in terms of its being a golf destination. According the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises (SETE) there should be at least 46 courses in the country by 2010. Since there are only 2,000 locals playing regular golf, a small fraction of this being PGA members, it is obvious that the increase in the number of courses, or at least the plans for increase, are meant to accommodate foreign players.

Crete Golf ClubAt present, there are less than ten courses for golfers to choose from. One of these is the Afandou Golf Club, located on the Afandou Bay, 18 km from the town of Rhodes. The standard 18-hole golf course was designed by renowned golf architect David Harradine. Its construction was started in 1973 and was opened to the public in 1974. It remains to be one most played courses in Greece and is often the course of choice for golf packages.

For many years, Crete only enjoyed a nine-hole course at Porto Elounda Deluxe Resort. The course is not necessarily restricted to hotel guests although they remain to be the priority when booking. Porto Elounda has an arrangement with the Crete Golf Club course such that its guests enjoy discounted rates at the latter.

The Crete Golf Club is the newest course in Crete and the first 18-hole golf course on the island. It is a desert golf course with a challenging terrain which provides for an exciting game. Greatly recommended because of its modern design and facilities, this Bob Hunt designed course is a golfing paradise. The course also boasts of a spectacular view of Greece’s mountains.

The Glyfada Golf Club in Athens makes golf in Greece accessible to locals and tourists in the nation’s capital. Built in 1962 and designed by David Harradine, this is the first 18-hole course in Greece. The Glyfada Golf Club is home to the PGA in Greece, as well as to the Hellenic Golfing Federation, a group promoting golfing in Greece. Although the course is still popular, hosting several tournaments in a year, many prefer courses outside of Athens. Presumably because Athens presents itself as a bustling and crowded city and a quiet game of golf seems to be out of place.

The Corfu Golf Club, a twenty-minute drive from the town of Corfu, is sworn by many to be the best place for golf in Greece. This David Harradine design blends the natural resources with man made obstacles to create a course with variety and challenge. Fine hotels are easily accessible from the course, just a few minutes drive away. Guests at the Corfu Holiday Palace receive reduced rates at the course.

Golf in Greece is still somewhat at its infancy although it has shown significant developments over the years. However, in order to compete with Turkey and southeastern Europe, it has to make better progress than it is doing now.

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