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There are very few places in the world that are truly special and one of a kind. A lot of places are very important and significant indeed but there are few places that are really truly different and unique. Greece is a very important country in history.

Greece : CreteThere are many places in Greece that are historic. Greece is an amazing place especially if you know history. So many things that we know today come from Ancient Greek civilization and there are things that we do not know have Greek origins as well. There are many things to discover in Greece and if you want the best place to learn about how things were from the very beginning, there is no better place than Crete. Crete is known as the cradle of civilization. The island, the biggest in Greece is a very beautiful island and is probably the most important in history. It has been talked about by the poet Homer in his writings and to this day, images of Crete are still talked about in academic circles. He stories of Icarus and Daedalus came from here and these stories have given us great lessons that reverberate until today.

Crete is the center of Minoan civilization which puts it among the earliest. This means that the earliest form of civilization started in Crete and then spread throughout the region and the other neighboring islands. The island is full of amazing structures. The buildings are grandiose and unlike any of that time and perhaps even compared today. The history of Crete is much talked about but most of it is through legends which in a way, makes it a little bit not factually totally accurate. Just like the rest of the region, there are many wars that Crete was involved in and various empires have controlled it. There are the Byzantine empire, the Roman empire and other various raiding groups that conquered Crete. These influenced Crete a lot but it is also amazing that Crete has kept most of its traditional culture intact despite all the different cultures that have passed through them. The language for example, is still Cretan Greek which is distinct and different from other regions. They have a traditional drink of Crete wine that cannot be fully replicated in other parts of the world. Crete is also known for farming and their crops have been exported in large scale until recently when some of these began to change.

There are a lot of tourists that want to visit Crete and such should not come as a surprise. Crete is a very important island and is filled with history. It is also a very beautiful island with a lot of places that look like nature’s sanctuary. But the real come on for tourists is most definitely history. Crete is one of a handful places that are really truly unique and important. No place in the world is like Crete. No place can compare to it and that is why people go there. To find your perfect accommodation, read our Crete hotels guide.

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