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Evia is an island to the east of central Greece, second in size to Crete. Nature lovers will find this place a paradise as the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the towering mountains with lush vegetation are fused into one island, creating majestic scenery. This makes Evia one of the prime holiday destinations in Greece and frequented by tourists throughout the year.

Greece Vacation : EviaEvia is separated into three regions – north, central and south – each one having its own scenery, historical sites and other attractions. The capital city of Halkida is on Central Evia and it is connected to the mainland Greece by two bridges. These are the routes often used by those who are going to Evia, especially by those who are driving a car. Halkida has been the island’s capital since 1899. Today, it has now evolved into a beautiful, modern city with shops, bars, restaurants and banks. Nightlife is more active here than on any other part of the island but Evia in general is laidback so there is not that much partying as you would find in Kos and Ios. And because Halkida is still in Greece, it has its own share of historical landmarks. The most interesting is the church of St. Paraskev, built during the Byzantine period. The church was once the chief church of the Venetians.

Halkida’s chief rival (at least during antiquity) is the town of Eretria. During ancient times, this was the most important town in Evia next to Halkida. In fact, the forces of the city fought during the Trojan War. The must-see sites in Eretria are the archaeological museum, the temple of Dionysus (the god of wine), the ancient theater, the ruins of the ancient acropolis and the roman baths.

One of the oldest towns in Evia, which is said to have existed before the Trojan War, is Kimi, perched high above the sea. It has a folklore museum and a Byzantine monastery, which are certainly worth a visit.

In the northern part of Evia, perhaps the famous town is that of Edipsos, also called the “Spa City”. Edipsos is blessed with plenty of hot springs which are believed to relieve many ailments. The fame of Edipsos in this area is nothing new. Aristotle mentioned the healing properties of the waters of Edipsos in his writings. As more tourists became aware of the wonders that this town has to offer, there are now private health spas that have saunas and hydro massage.

Still on north Evia, there is Rovies, belonging to the Limni municipality. The view here is magnificent. The deep blue waters of the Evian gulf coupled with the soft, sandy beach is truly relaxing. But a hiking trip away from the beach will lead you to beautiful forests and green clearings. On the routes are springs, streams, ravines and lots of trees.

To the south of Evia is Karystos, with fine tavernas along its beaches. But even more interesting are its mountains with rich and luscious vegetation and many mineral spring fountains. Popular sites in Karystos are the impressive Venetian castle, "Castello Rooso Kokkinokastro", built during the 13th century; and the "Yokalio Archaeological Museum", featuring finds from archaeological sites around the area.

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