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No, Greece is not just for the history buffs or the beach fanatics. It is also for those who wish to experience Greek nature at its best, for those who want a more active vacation than just looking at historical landmarks or dipping on the deep blue waters, and for those who want to take sporting to the extreme. Adventure travel and extreme sports in Greece are popular alternatives to the usual activities that tourists indulge in.

Greece Adventure TravelAdventure travel in Greece does not mean that you have to stay away from the historical sites. In fact, the activities will satisfy your thirst for adventure and enrich your knowledge about Greece’s lively history. A sea kayaking tour in Crete, for instance, will firm up those muscles while taking you to explore Knossos, the mystifying Minoan palace of Crete; the Heraklion Museum, with thousands of interesting artifacts, although oftentimes missed and skipped when visiting Knossos; the historic monastery of Mons Preveli; and because kayaking trips are often coupled with hiking, a trip down the Samaria Gorge.

Hiking is also an adventure travel activity that brings you to many fantastic Greek attractions – both natural and man-made. This can be done independently or by availing of a hiking tour. One of the most popular hiking destinations is Crete, home to the Samaria Gorge, one of the longest gorges in Europe. Samaria Gorge, in itself, is visited by thousands of visitors per day on busy days. Aside from Crete, Peloponnese, the southernmost peninsula of Greece, is also frequented by hikers, beginners and experienced alike. The hiking trails in the Northern Peloponnese Mountains are easily accessible and relatively well-defined. Your trek should also take you to the Gorge of the River Styx, very significant in Greek mythology as the legendary Achilles was believed to have been dipped by his mother Thetis in the river to make him an immortal.

For some, an adventure travel to Greece consists of sailing through Greek seas, stopping at tiny coves or secluded beaches that would otherwise be difficult to access. This is done by chartering a yacht. Those who have no previous sailing experience may be rent a yacht with very minimal training although rent will most probably include a skipper and/or a crew in it. Those who wish to have to enjoy sailing by themselves may go for a bareboat charter. Greece is one of the ideal sailing destinations because you can do so the whole year round, given the relatively warm climate on the Greek coasts.

Aside from adventure travel, extreme sports are gaining popularity in Greece. And such sports are not limited to those that can be done only on warm weather. Those who have a passion for high altitudes will be pleased to know that bungee jumping is now available in Greece. Agencies are now including the sport in their list of offered activities. One of the favorite locations for the jump-off is the Corinth Canal. Another high-elevation sport which gets your adrenaline rushing is rock climbing (rocks being plenty in Greece), which in extreme cases may involve an ascent over vertical cliffs thousands of feet high. 

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