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Car Rental in Greece

An excellent way to get around in Greece and the Greek islands is to have a car rented. The renting of a car in Greece is very simple and reasonably-priced. The rent of an economy car would cost a visitor anywhere between one hundred fifty dollars to two hundred dollars per week, depending on the car rental company that provides the rent. These economy cars allow visitors to feel free to travel to anywhere they would want. For a budget of one hundred dollars to one hundred fifty dollars per week, visitors may rent the Mini cars offered by car rental services. A visitor should make sure that the price he is quoted includes taxes, insurance, and airport fees. However, when one rents a vehicle in Greece, the quoted price normally does not include the Value-Added Tax and airport rental tax. To be secured, one must allow around twenty-five percent extra to cover these expenses. In addition, the prices listed on car rentals normally do not include the premiums added during summer so visitors should allot extra dollars per day for car rentals made from June to September. The premiums vary from one provider to another.

The major car rental companies are Avis, Hertz and Budget. There are also smaller companies that offer car rentals to visitors and tourists of Greece. The cars available for rent vary from small cars to big four-by-fours. People who rent cars must get their Personal Accident Insurance.

The travel in Greece by a car rental will optimize one’s stay in the country. If a person is more comfortable with cars having automatic transmissions, he should try to get an automatic vehicle. These vehicles are rather scarcer and more expensive. Also, because the country of Greece is known for numerous accidents, one should take an offered insurance coverage so that he is protected from the possible car accidents. If a person already has his insurance coverage, he should make sure that his travel to Greece is covered by insurance. A traveler should secure himself by getting an insurance.

Renting a car in Greece is very easy. The rates and services of most car rental companies of the country are provided to all people around the world. Booking and reservations can be made through the use of the internet. These car rental companies have put up their own online sites that allow renters to have an idea of the rates and services that they offer. Reservations are also made easy as there are readily available forms to be filled out and submitted by anyone who would want to make a car reservation. There are also options offered by car a rental in which customers determine the point where the car is to be picked up.

However pleasant it is to drive a car around the Greek islands, visitors who think first of their safety rather have themselves ride taxis and buses to overcome the risk of meeting accidents in the unfamiliar roads of the county. 

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