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Who will not be enchanted by the splendor and glory of Greece? The birthplace of western civilization, Greece was home to the legendary philosophers Socrates and Plato, the great mathematician Euclid and the famous scientist Ptolemy. Modern Greece is a rich blend of its past magnificence and emerging culture and architecture. The Greek capital of Athens is a bustling city with fancy restaurants and lavish department stores and yet houses Acropolis, the hill that stands witness to the artistic and architectural masterpieces produced by Ancient Greeks. The fact that the country was able to preserve its history and at the same time open its doors to the modern world makes it one of the ideal holiday destinations. While it is always good to plan ahead when going on a vacation, a last minute travel deal to Greece just might make your holiday cheaper and more exciting.

Last minute deals are offered by hotels and airline or cruise ship companies a few days before the scheduled departure or arrival (if in a hotel). These companies lose money for seats that don’t get filled. An airplane still has to fly on schedule even if it’s only half-full. So they may drastically slash their prices to tempt travelers to fill the vacant seats. Sometimes, they may also sell seats in bulk to travel agencies who may include them in their last minute vacation packages. Either way, such packages are a perfect way to save at least a hundred dollars (per person) on a vacation.

The availability of last minute travel deals, as well as the savings you get from them depends on many factors. The first one is the time of year you intend to travel. Last minute travel deals to Greece may be difficult to find during July and August when a swarm of tourists and students may overwhelm certain parts of the country. When you do intend to go to Greece during these months, you would be better off preparing well ahead before your intended arrival in Greece. Late April to Mid-June is a more ideal time to visit the Greek islands as tourists have not yet flocked to vacation spots that become overbooked and highly-priced once they arrive. Also, last minute vacation deals are also more available during these times.

Like any last minute travel deals, last minute vacation packages to Greece gets sold out fast. Remember that you’re not the only one who’s looking for a cheaper alternative. The best rule that applies when shopping for a travel deal is: When you find one that suits your preferences and budget, and you have flexible time, book it. Few things are worse for a traveler than finding a really good deal only to discover that it has been sold out because it took him quite a while to book it. Sometimes, though, you may have to wait for a better price or a preferable package. It all depends on how much you’re willing to risk to find the best vacation deal.

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