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Although the area occupied by Greece is not very large – it’s only slightly smaller than the state of Alabama – its many hills, mountains and gorges, along with countless architecture that bear traces of the country’s glorious past, makes it virtually impossible to explore the country in just a few days. While you can do your sightseeing of the country independently, perhaps enjoying the fact that you can set your own pace, it may be preferable for you to take a guided tour around Greece especially if it’s your first time to set foot in the country. A number of tours and excursions around inland Greece and its islands are available, the prices of which depend on the tour’s duration, its origin, its destination, and the kind of services and amenities involved.

Greece ExcursionsIf you’re not planning to stay in Greece for long, you can opt for day tours. A tour around the Greek capital Athens is available daily. The trip usually takes only half a day and costs about 40 GBP. The excursion will bring you to the Acropolis, the city’s “Sacred Rock” and home to historical monuments such as the Parthenon. Greek mythology also comes alive as you visit the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and Temple of Athena Nike.

There are also “Athens by Night” packages, a delightful way to enjoy the food and music scene of the city at night. It’s also much safer as you do not have to go out looking for fun alone. Night packages are somewhat more costly than day tours. More about Athens nightlife.

Hiking tours in Greece are also offered for those who prefer the wildness of nature over the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are staying in Athens, the closest you can go hiking is Mt. Parnitha, an hour’s drive from the capital. The hike lasts for one day, costs about 20 GBP, which includes snacks and a guide. In Crete, more destinations are available for hikers. There are a number of gorges offering breathtaking views, which will surely satisfy the nature-lovers. In some tours over gorges, there is even a possibility of a cool swim so determine this beforehand so you can pack for swim suits. Most of the hiking tours last only a day although there are 8 or 9-day tours which will enable you to experience more of Greek culture, climb mountains, cross several gorges and take in the richness of Greece’s history. For tours such as these, you will get to walk an average of 6 hours per day.

Traditional tours usually depart from Athens, could last from one day to two weeks depending on the destination. A day tour to Argolis enables one to see Ancient Corinth and the Tomb of Agamemnon. A trip to Meteora, where ageless monasteries are perched above sky-high rocks could take at least a couple of days because the trip would have to pass through Delphi. Tours around the islands of Greece take much longer because you have to spend sometime on the pristine beaches for you to be able to absorb the splendor of the sea.

Excursions in Greece can range from 30 GBP for half-day tours to 900 GBP for a two-week or 12-day trip. Most travel agencies, however, give discounts for group tours so it would be worthwhile staying with a large group when considering guided tours.

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