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Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist places. This is a fact because Greece has a lot of things that could entice many different types of people. The country itself is beautiful, filled with great mountains and colorful flowers. Greece is an amazing and incredible place to go to and the structures alone are an architect’s dream. It also has a lot of history behind it. In fact, Greece is one of the most historically important countries in the world. For this reason a lot of people who want to know about history or are inclined towards history go here. They know that there are a ton of things that they can discover from early Greek civilization and the best way to discover the many different aspects of Greece is to visit the country itself. Greece is a very significant country indeed.

Greece Vacation : IosThey have given us artists, leaders and philosophers that taught us a lot of things in life and whom we can admire for their contributions. These people were able to bring something significant and important in our society even today. Structure of government is also a big contribution that Greece brought t our world. They espoused an early form of democracy which to this day is generally accepted in a lot of societies as the best type of government structure as it allows people to have a say in how things need to be done. Greece has a lot of significance to society but some of them are not as significant as others. There are a lot of areas in Greece that has little significance if any at all. However, most of the time, these areas or regions still have something to offer tourists and this is why people still go to these areas despite the lack of cultural significance. Such is the Island of Ios.

Ios does not have many history associated with it unlike other islands or regions in Greece. This hilly island is believed to be the birthplace however of the mother of Homer. This is probably the main claim to fame of Ios. As a historical landmark, this seems to be a stretch since the mother of Homer is not exactly Homer himself although she probably had a lot of things to do with how Homer was brought up. Perhaps this is the significance of the island of Ios. Without the island of Ios, there would not be a mother who would later on bear Homer. Perhaps seeing that Ios is such an unexciting place that Homer’s mother told Homer to get out of Greece for a while and travel the world.

Ios however attracts a lot of tourists as well. These tourists are mostly the young crowd who probably thought Homer was a cartoon character. These people come here for the beaches which has become the main attraction of Ios. Mylopotas is the beach destination in Ios and people here party all night and sometimes sleep in the sand afterwards. This is probably something that Homer could not do on account that his mother is just around the corner watching him. 

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