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Athens, the capital of Greece, is a wonderful blend of the old and the new. It has its own fair share of outdoor cafés, luxurious hotels, elegant restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. But within short distances are the relics of ancient Greek civilization. When you are going to Greece, especially for the first time, a travel to Athens is a must. This is where civilization emerged and your historical exploration of Greece should start here.

Athens TravelThose who travel to Greece from other countries usually arrive at the Athens International Airport. Money exchange sections are found on the airport and it’s preferable to exchange currencies here so you’ll have Greek money when you arrive in downtown Athens. Some also arrive at Piraeus, the port of Athens and the busiest port in the whole of Greece.

There are two railways stations in Athens: the Peloponnese station and the Larisis station. The Peloponnese station accommodates only trains from and to Peloponnese while the Larisis station services trains to northern Greece as well as to nearby countries.

If you arrive at the airport, you can take a taxi or bus to your intended destination. Taxis are metered but you usually must pay extra if you have a lot of luggage with you. The extra pay also applies to taxis coming from the airport or from Piraeaus. Taxis are generally an inexpensive way of traveling although it may be difficult to find one during rush hours. It is not unusual for a taxi to take in a second or even a third passenger but only if the first passenger assents. When you hail a taxi and it stops and your destination is somewhere near or along the first passenger’s destination, you may be given a ride.

There are three bus lines that travel to Athens from the airport. The first bus line takes you directly to the metro station where you can use the same bus ticket to go anywhere using the metro, for the next 24 hours. The second line brings you to the Syntagma Square, the heart of Athens. The third line’s destination is Piraeus.

The upgraded metro system has considerably improved transportation in Athens and has eased up the heavy traffic in the city. By taking the underground rail you can reach your destination in more than half the time that it would take you if you use transportations that run above ground.

If you are not from Athens, it is not preferable to travel by car around the city. But if you plan to drive one, be sure to learn how to read Greek so you can read the road signs, which are often confusing, by the way. Road laws are not necessarily followed which is very frustrating if you come from a place where this is not practiced. Car parks are also difficult to find so you might really want to reconsider that car rental.

Traveling to and around Athens is not at all difficult. There are enough means of transportation that would take you to your intended destination. Athenians actually eat late and the night scene in the city is active so transportation is not a problem even at night.

When decided which Athens hotels is the best for your vacation, and settled there, you can start to explore the tourist attractions the city can offer, go out for shopping in Athens and have a delicious meal at one of the most popular restaurants, and after that Athens nightlife just started…

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