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Getting Around in Greece

Getting around in Greece is easy for its citizens and visitors since there are many modes of transportation available to them. The first mode of transportation for people is the car rental. Car rentals in Greece are made very simple and affordable. The price of an economy car usually ranges from one hundred fifty dollars to two hundred dollars per week. This car gives the renter the freedom to go and travel anywhere around Greece. On one hand, Mini cars are rented for as low as one hundred dollars to one hundred fifty dollars per week. Visitors should make sure that the price provided by car rental services already includes insurance, taxes and fees such as airport fees.

The next mode of transportation in Greece is moped rental. Visitors’ most popular way of getting around the country is through moped. Almost all small towns of Greece offer moped rentals. For a visitor to rent a moped, he should present his driver’s license and pay the daily fee. The visitor will also be required to leave his passport to ensure that the moped will return to the moped rental. Renting a moped is the most resourceful way of getting around the area, but it does become a danger to drive such when one is an inexperienced driver. To lessen the possibility of danger, people are required to wear their helmets since the roads around Greece are narrow and ill-preserved. These mopeds cause the death of many tourists each year and the innumerable visits to the emergency room of hospitals.

The third mode of getting around in Greece is the use of busses. The intercity bus system is good at doing its job because it allows a person to travel anywhere in the mainland of Greece with the KTEL green busses. Every city of Greece has a KTEL bus station and the locals of the city are very pleased to help people. This bus system was not designed to accommodate the tourists of the country. Because of this, tourists may encounter language problems. To address such problems, tourists may ask for the assistance of Greeks who also speak the English language.

Ferries and boats are also being used in the country to get around the islands of Greece. Getting to islands does require a flight or a boat ride that varies in length from Athens or Thessaloniki. The best option to getting to islands near the mainland is through hopping on a ferry. Most ferries may have a number of stops on the different islands surrounding their last destination. A number of the islands have airports that offer short flights from Athens International Airport or Thessaloniki. Flying Dolphins take a person faster than most ferries because they do not really offer maritime features.

Greece does have sixteen international airports, but from these sixteen only Athens and Thessaloniki offer flights from abroad. All other airports offer flights that are connected from the two large cities. They serve a number of charter flights during the summer. Olympic Airways and its subsidiaries are the Greek carriers that offer most of the flights made within Greece.

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