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There are many places in the world that one can go to if they want to see a lot of historical relics for their minds to dwell on. People usually travel many miles just so they can go to a place where they will learn something about history. This makes the place more interesting and the experience more fulfilling. Others go to places because of the natural beauty of the place itself.

Greece : DelosMany people go to beaches sometimes because the beach is so beautiful to them. The sand may entice them or the blue coastline may make them fall in love with the place. Others love the green scenery or the beautiful mountain side as well. Greece is a country that is abundant with natural beauty. Greece has a lot of islands you can choose from and almost all of them have a lot of history to tell. They have interesting stories behind them and people go there to see where history actually happened. The places that you can go to could also be beautiful places in terms of the landscape. Greece has been known to have beautiful trees and amazing mountain ranges. There are many islands that you can go to if you want both history and landscape. Delos however is not the place for both of them.

Delos is not abundant in natural resources. It is mostly barren and desolate place. The island is very small and has very few inhabitants, numbering fourteen as of 2001. Delos has a lot of history riding on it. The main claim to fame of Delos is that its the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Excavations of the island and further investigations show that it already has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. This puts it among the earliest settlements in history. This further underscores the historical significance of the island. In fact, Homer wrote about the island in its writings especially when he talked about how barren the land is and that it was the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. There are many things to see in Delos however. This is because years ago, people put up a temple and other structures in it as a tribute to the gods. The wars of course brought a lot of fighting in the region and this included Delos. There were many dead bodies lying around and buried in the place that the place was thought of as inappropriate for worship. This is why several purification rituals took place in Delos. The island is not a very pleasant place to go to in terms of landscape but history has shown how important it is to Ancient Greece. Delos is a very significant island if only for the fact that this was recognized as the birthplace of the twin gods. There are other structures that one can see in Delos as well. There is the platform of Stoibadeion which was dedicated to Dionysius, the god of wine and life-force.

Delos may not be abundant in natural resources but it is very important in a historical perspective. Tourists still go here because of it and that in itself may be a tribute to the gods.

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