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Greece Popular Beaches Greece is known to have many popular beaches that tourists visit each year. Beaches are one of the places that visitors never miss to visit when they are in the country. Each of the beaches of the country has unique things to offer its visitors. Some of the beaches in the country are very well-organized and do offer many luxuries. Some others are isolated and out-of-the-way. Some beaches provide clear waters and soft sands while others are enclosed by a magnificent landscape. The national Greek tourist organization has defined the “top-ten beaches” list that is based on the votes of the visitors of its website. Blue flags are raised on many beaches of Greece. This flag signifies the beach’s quality and cleanliness.

Corfu Island is one of Greece’s most popular resorts. It is regarded as the home of the Greece’s best beaches. Even if most of the beaches in Corfu are established with resorts, they are eye-catching enough to entice visitors, even the rich and famous, from all over the world. The large island offers a number of small villages that have secluded beaches. The most popular beaches are those that are located in the heart of the city of Corfu, but this does not necessarily mean that these ones are the most beautiful.

A fifteen-minute drive south of Corfu using a rented car will take you to the stunning Agio Georgios beach. The beach is less probably to be crowded because of the distance it has from the town. There are still a number of beaches at the western part of the island. Agios Gordis, a beach surrounded by fine-looking rock formations is one of these beaches.

Skopelos Island is popular among who own yachts. It offers a number of attractive and secluded beaches that can be accessed only by boat. For people who do not have boats, they can still explore the island through the use of motor bikes and buses. Two miles from the city of Skopelos Chora is the Staphylos beach. It is a sandy beach that is situated in a beautiful bay. It offers comfort and swimming features to its visitors. Unusual green waters are found in the Limnonari beach. Limnonari means lake water. The beaches of the Greek islands that are more difficult to access are more secluded and have more beautiful features.

The island of Mykonos is known for its white-washed and blue-roofed stone buildings. The architecture of the island, its stone walls, and a number of its beautiful beaches have made the island a top tourist destination. This town is also known as the “Little Venice”. Even if the stay in here is pricey, the island is worth the visit.

The famous Red Beach is popular and home to the island of Santorini. It was named after the red rock that makes up the island’s inactive volcano. Visitors get to the island through boat where one can discover the exterior of the island and get to hardly accessible beaches and caves.

The country’s long miles of coastline provides numerous of beaches that vary from white-sand beaches to rock cliffs. The beaches differ in style and location but all have their unique beauties, like the magnificent Naxos beaches which is quite popular mong the tourists.

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