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Family Vacation in Greece

To say that Greece is a child-friendly country is an understatement. Greeks adore children and may even welcome them more than adults. This is one good reason to choose Greece as your next family holiday destination. Not to mention the fact that with its archaeological sites, historical monuments, crystal blue seas and sandy beaches, Greece caters to both kids and adults alike. A family vacation to Greece will certainly be enjoyable and memorable for both you and your kids if you choose your destinations and activities well.

Greece Family VacationIf you decide that it would be too much of a hassle for you if you travel independently with a bunch of kids, most tour operators offer family vacation packages. Although it would cost you a bit more, you are freed from worrying what places to visit or where to eat next. Look for tours that not only offer a "family package" just to make it cheaper for you, but include activities and attractions that both you and your children will enjoy. Some tour operators would ask about your children’s needs and likes and try their best to accommodate these. Needless to say, such tour operators are preferable and can make your family vacation to Greece more comfortable and fun.

Kids enjoy the beach so you might want to skip the temples and other historical monuments and just head off to the islands. There are packaged tours for families which include kayaking, snorkeling, cliff jumping and cave exploration. Like all tours, both food and accommodation will be taken cared of. This is an ideal time for you to expose your kids to the beauty of nature. At the same time, the activities are a good way to contain the kids’ boundless energy. Such trips, however, are meant for larger kids (6 and above) so if you have smaller kids, then try to consider other “less active” trips.

Independent travel has its own perks and many still insist on traveling on their own. You can move from one place to another at your own pace and you get to interact with people more (especially the locals) so you’re able to experience more of the Greek culture. Independent travel should be coupled with careful planning. Remember that what is interesting for you may not apply to your children. Older children who have already been exposed to Greek mythology and are thrilled about being in another nation with a different culture will find the museums, archaeological sites and historical landmarks enormously enriching. Younger kids, however, may not last long in such places.

Water parks are plenty in Greece during the summer and certainly a good addition to your itinerary if you have children with you. For your child, a frolic in the water park will be a pleasant interlude from the dull and dreary historical sites you find so interesting.

Another good thing about a family vacation to Greece is that you do not have to worry much about food. Most Greek food goes well with children. There are many fast food joints in Greece and your kids will most probably find something tasty there. If you have older kids, you may dine in a traditional Greek taverna. You may still do if you have younger children but you most often have to wait for them to fall asleep so you can have a quiet meal in a traditional taverna.

There are so many sites to visit in Greece and so many activities to indulge in. With careful planning, you are sure to have a terrific family vacation in Greece.

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