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Greece is a very beautiful country, probably one of the most beautiful in the world. It has a lot of history as well and probably only has Egypt to rival it. Many people believe that the cradle of civilization is Greece as it already had a thriving society way before other cities were even discovered. Greece therefore tells us a lot about how people have evolved or how people and society changed throughout the centuries.

SifnosMany people know that Greece has many beautiful places that are not only pleasing to the eye but has much historical significance as well. Its history is so rich that people are drawn to it. People want to find out more about Greece because people are in wonder of the fact that the city was so great so early. Thus many people want to discover Greece by themselves. Greece has been popular destination for archaeologists and historians who want to be in places where they believe they will learn a lot of things.

There are also many casual tourists who visit Greece. Greece has therefore become a very popular tourist destination especially the well known places. However, for others who want a quieter area or a more peaceful visit but at the same time historically significant as well, there are other possible Greek places and one of them is Sifnos.

Sifnos is an island municipality in the Cyclades, an island group in Greece. The population in this municipality is very small especially compared to the big cities that Greece have as well. It is a very quiet municipality with less hustle and bustle than other Greek municipalities. Sifnos however is also a very important municipality idf one knows about its history. Sifnos used to be a very wealthy municipality and could still be such having been known to have a lot of gold deposits as well as silver. Mining therefore made the municipality very wealthy for a time. However, the mining stopped for some unknown reason although a lot of people believe that there are still a lot of deposit left in the island. A lot of speculation centers on the possibility that seawater has seeped into the mines making mining impossible. Sifnos has a lot of different products to offer however. Its island makeup is made of red clay and pottery therefore have become very popular. Sifnos has become the pottery capital of Aegean with the quality and quantity of clay products that come from them. In fact, Sifnos has been so connected with pottery that "Sifnos" has been equated with the word "potter".

Sifnos is therefore more significant than other people think. For a while they were among the richest with all their gold and silver deposits. With all those deposits still in there, it could get wealthy again. However, the people of Sifnos have learned to take advantage of the other resources of the island. They have made their mark in pottery and managed to control their identity amongst the influx of tourists. Browse the best accommodations what Sifnos offers at Sifnos hotels guide.

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