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Lesbos TravelTravelling can be very tiring indeed. Many people do not want to travel because of the enormous stress that they have to endure when traveling. There are long lines to fall into and flights that they need to make and most of the time you are running late for something. Furthermore, traveling costs a lot. The cost of the travel alone may be a fortune and that does not even count the expenses of being in your destination. Yet people still travel. This is because there are a lot of places out there that are worth all the waiting and the running. There are a lot of countries that one can visit that can make all the stress that traveling brings seem miniscule. There are many places like these and if one goes to Greece, one cannot go wrong. Greece is a truly special country when it comes to history. Greece has a lot of places to offer when wants to know about history and each place is unique. The islands in Greece each have different stories to tell and all of them are interesting. One of these islands with great history is Lesvos.

Lesbos is a fascinating place with a lot of things that could attract a lot of tourists all over the world. Lesvos is the site of the great Mt. Olympus, the home of the gods. This alone should be an attraction for people who love Greek mythology and history as well, but Lesbos is more than the site of a famous mountain. For one, this is the birthplace of the famous literary writer, Sappho. Sappho may not be generally famous or popular but her contribution to our society is immense. It can be said that Sappho is one of the first feminist writers and trail blazed a path for other aspiring female writers. Her works had strong inclination towards love and desire for other women which led to her homeland to be the source of the word “lesbian”. For the literary types and those who are of some inclination, Lesvos is a very significant place indeed.

Lesbos is also a very beautiful island in terms of its landscape. It has a lot of natural beauty such as the beautiful fields that it has as well as the number of fruit bearing trees. They have a lot of crops as well that can be seemed luxurious such as olive oil and chestnuts. Lesvos is also the site of the few remaining petrified forests. The beautiful fields of Lesvos is dotted with pine trees and oak trees and the sight of two beautiful mountains in the horizon adds to the serene atmosphere that Lesvos is known for. The weather is bright and sunny without being excessively hot which makes it perfect for outdoor activities that take advantage of the islands natural beauty.

Lesbos is a very popular tourist destination indeed. One can go there and enjoy themselves because of a number of things. There are many places like Lesvos in Greece but in a way, Lesvos is still very much unique. To browse and make a booking of accommodations take a look at Lesbos hotels guide.

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