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Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea that lies off the coast of Sarande, Albania. This island is part of the Corfu Prefecture than consists of twelve municipalities in the prefecture and more than ninety-six percent of its population. Four separate islands namely Ereikoussa, Mathraki, Paxoi, and Othonoi are the excluded municipalities. The island belonging to Greece provides great hotel accommodations in its Corfu hotels.

Corfu HotelsThe town’s principal island also has the name Corfu and has a population of 28, 185. The island of Corfu is the home of the Ionian University.

The island of Corfu is considered the island of cantadas, which are traditional love songs of the Ionian Island. It does offer pleasant atmosphere and style that are loved by its tourists and visitors. The Corfu island, according to Greek mythology, had been named such because of the daughter of the river god Asopos. Her name was Nymph Korkyra who was taken away by Poseidon. Homer stated in his Odyssey that Odysseus found his shelter in Corfu after all his wanderings. It is also in this island that he received care from King Alkinoos, his people, and daughter Nafsika.

The island of Corfu took part in an important role in modern Greece’s cultural and educational development. The first Fine Arts School and the first University of Greece were founded in 1815 on the island by Lord Guilford. He had the support of a native of Corfu named Ioannis Kapodistrias who became the first Prime Minister of the newly liberated Greece. The well-watered island of Corfu provides a fertile land that is full of citrus trees, grapes, Olives, and corn. Because of these, the Corfu Island is regarded as one having the most eye-catching scenery of all the Greek islands. The famous resorts and beautiful beaches of this island are wealthy towns of Mon Repo, Kerkyra, Benitses, Kanoni, Paleokastritsa, Lefkimi, Moratika, Messonghi, Kassiopi, and Roda and Sidari.

Because of the popularity of the island for having a beautiful and appealing scenario, a number of tourists arrive at the island to appreciate its beauty. The things to admire of the island are its natural beauties, the beautiful look of the city and villages, the bays and beaches that entice thousands of visitors each year. The eastern coasts of the island provide a calm sea and offer a variety of marine sports for tourists to enjoy. There are a lot more scenes and activities to enjoy in the island of Corfu.

To accommodate a number of visitors and tourists that arrive to the island, Corfu hotels have been put up to provide lodging facilities to the visitors. A number of Corfu hotels having great facilities offer differing styles and atmospheres to their guests. These Corfu hotels have also put up online reservations and inquiries to make themselves accessible to people who will pay visit to the island of Corfu. They all have one objective – to provide guests the best Corfu travel experience. Take a look the Corfu hotels directory to browse luxury and cheap  accommodations.

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